Last First Day Of School

Wow! I have not updated this blog in a really long time. But that’s what happens when you’re busy trying to figure your life out.

All that aside, today is my LAST first day of school! It is the first day of my last semester for my undergraduate degree! I can’t be more excited. I’m ready to get my degree and start my life. My boyfriend and I are ready to get our own place and stat our lives. I’m ready to start classes for my masters degree and find a career.

Honestly, I never thought this day would come. I’ve been battling a lot of issues over the last few years, especially with college. I got away from an abusive man, I fell in love with an amazing man, I had problems at my dead end job and I’ve hit financial troubles. All of this has led up to this day!


September’s End


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Well September is finally at an end, and all I have to say is, “it’s about damn time!”

September hasn’t been a great month for me. I haven’t gotten much done art wise, my craft show was a bust, classes are throwing work at me left and right, and my job is suffering from lack of help, causing more stress than necessary.

I did get a few nice things done. Just the other day, I did a small painting called, “Midnight In The Pumpkin Patch.” It’s acrylic on panel and only 8×6. I threw it in my Etsy shop just to have something in there for now. My shop has been empty for awhile now since I’ve been slammed with commissions. You can find it for sale here. Image

I did get a few good photos this month though. For my photography class (like the 4th photography class I’ve taken at this point), we went to Market Square in Pittsburgh and Point State Park to try out street photography. Now, street photography and shots of people are not things I am good at. I’m really bad at getting candid shots and people usually scream at me when they think I’m taking their picture. But, I did get two that were decently good. Image


So, with September finally at a close, hopefully October with give me some more opportunities to get more stuff done!

My Last First Day Of School


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Yesterday began the final year of my undergraduate in college experience. My senior year has started and I can’t wait for it to be done! I can already see myself graduating with my bachelors in Visual Arts and Museum Studies.

Well, I guess it technically isn’t my last first day of school since I plan on going for my masters and my doctorate.

Regardless, it’s still very exciting! I’ve officially made it farther than most of my family members and most of the people that I went to high school with. Now I’m not bragging about that, I wish more people would go out and get their degrees. I feel like not only will that piece of paper help you later in life, I feel like the experience of attending a university is something everyone should have.

My grandfather didn’t go to college. He fought in WWII and after that worked in a factory. My father didn’t allow my mother to attend college. She finally went and got her associates after I was almost done with high school. I’ve made friends from all over the world, I was able to study abroad for a semester in Europe thank to my financial aid and scholarships. I’ve got to look at rare pieces of art out of a glass case that were created hundreds of years ago. I would’ve never had those experiences without being in college.

I wish the United States offered free education. I’ve had so many opprotunites and experiences that I never would’ve had just by joining the work force right out of high school, which is something I always thought I had to do. Growing up, we were very poor. We lost our house when I was thirteen. My mom has been working two jobs for a long time now, (it used to be three jobs but I got a job at Sam’s Club and she was able to quit one).

I feel like I’m rambling in this post but I just needed to say how I feel. I’ve worked extremely hard, spent many nights awake studying and spent every weekend, holiday, and all of my free time working to pay my bills and tuition on time. Everything has led up to this moment. My amazing journey is quickly coming to an end.

Painting Process #4- “Minion Fan Art”


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Rarely I get in the mood to make some fan art. This is one of those occasions!

I decided to paint a minion!

I started out with the basic line art.


The line art was actually harder than I thought it was going to be. Turns out I’m not very good at just drawing round things.

Next came the background and his overalls. I like to paint the darkest colors first and then the lightest in case of bleed.


After letting that dry for awhile, I painted the glove and parts of the goggle. This painting was actually very quick and easy to get done, since everything is large and only a few colors.

Some time later and with me forgetting to take more progress photos, it’s done! i found the yellow paint to not want to cooperate for some reason. I had to keep adding more and more paint and less water to get it to be vibrant.


Not long after posting this on my facebook page, I sold this painting! I hope you’ve enjoyed my minion painting!

My First Ghost Photo!


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Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD.

After years of going ghost hunting and being involved with studying the paranormal, reading every ghost and horror story imaginable, going to haunted places, and all around enjoying the supernatural, I finally FINALLY got a ghost on film!

I’m so excited! I’ve been jumping out of my pants for the last few days!

So, my family is from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (a very haunted place, for those not aware of it). Every year our family reunion is out there and my mom and I usually venture into town to shop and such. This year, my best friend came with us and we decided to go on a ghost tour.

We bought out tickets, it was my best friend, my two brothers, my mom and I, and at nine we met our group outside of the old orphanage in Gettysburg.

Some back story on the orphanage: It was run by two different women and two different points in time. The second woman, Rosa, was an cruel and evil bitch (to put it nicely). She would torture the children. Six died while in her care. Ghost Adventures even did an episode at the orphanage (it’s the episode where Zach sat in the pit). The tour guide showed us around and told stories and it was a wonderful time.

While in the former dining room of the orphanage, all of the lights were turned off (for added effect). I took several pictures around the room. I didn’t use flash for any of them because my flash is abnormally bright and blinds people. Here is one of the photos I took. Image

Obviously it’s just a big black square. I was about to just quit taking photos until the lights came back on, when I took this one Image

Everyone I show it to says you can see a woman plain as day. I almost screamed when this appeared on the photo. My best friend was sitting beside me and saw it and all he could do was drop his jaw. I took two more photos in the exact same spot and got nothing. And just so you know, it’s an empty room and everyone just sits on a long bench while the tour guide tells stories. So there was nothing in the room that was even that color let alone standing there.

I know some of you are probably skeptics, but I’m not. For me, this was a crowning achievement in my life.

Also, I highly recommend the tour we were on. Excellent tour guides and excellent story telling. If you’re ever in Gettysburg, head over to a small store called Ghost Lab Images. That store is the orphanage.

Painting Process #3- Death Doesn’t Care About Beauty


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Here is yet another edition of Painting Process by Lindsey Huss! This painting is titled, “Death Doesn’t Care About Beauty.” The theme is obviously death like always. The idea came from reading a beauty magazine of all things. I use them to practice drawing the models. As I was looking through one, I noticed a lot of the article titles were stuff like, “How To Get Prettier Eyes in Such and Such Amount of Days” and “Want Shinier Hair? Put This Shit In It!” It made me think, there are actually people in this world who heavily rely on these articles to make their lives “better.” But why? I mean, I wear makeup, but I don’t sit there and worry about if I’m pretty enough for everyone or how I compare to someone else in the looks department. I got more important shit to do.

Then I rememberd all these Hollywood icons who are written about in a negative manner if they don’t go out in public with makeup on. Suddenly their faces are plastered all over the cover of magazines with titles such as “Blonde Bomb Shell Seen Without Makeup! Why She Should Never Do It Again,” and other works of celebrity gossip.

But who cares what someone looks like without makeup or shiny hair or a perfect figure and blah blah. It doesn’t make you immune from disease. It doesn’t stop your family from loving you. And in the end, Death doesn’t care what you look like.

So here’s the process.

Basic line art came first. I think I re-drew this like 600 times. I decided on a woman staring at her own reflection in a mirror, with her makeup and perfume in front of her. Image

Only, I didn’t want it to be her reflection, I wanted it to be Death staring back at her. Or it could be Fate. However you want to interpret it.

Next came laying some basic flat color. Image

After I let that dry for awhile. I started on the eye. I am extremely bad when it comes to eyes for some reason. I think I sat there, just holding the paint brush, staring at the canvas for a good twenty minutes. At one point, my mom came into the room and asked what I was doing. I told her I was focusing. She understood and left. (She knows how crazy I can get with my art). Image


I think the eye actually turned out pretty good.

After a few hours and break to play Final Fantasy, I added some copper paint to her hair to kind of give it a little more detail. (Also because Michael’s near my house started selling Artist’s Loft brand metallic acrylic paint and I bought a bunch and was dying to use it).

I also painted in the background. i don’t like to add a lot to my backgrounds when I paint. I feel like sometimes too much going on in a painting can ruin it. Image

Next came the skull. I paint and draw them so often that I feel like they almost come second nature to me at this point. Image

And finally! I added the perfume and a pearl necklace on her makeup stand and signed it! Ta da!! My brother’s first reaction was, “Linds, why do you paint so much creepy stuff? I like it, but it’s creepy.” And that’s one of the many reasons why I paint creepy things. It makes you ask questions. Does a vase of flowers make you ask questions? If it does, let me know what that question is cause I’d love to know how your mind

That being said, thank you for reading!

You can view all of my work here:

Writing A Horror Novel- A Struggle In The Beginning



This is probably going to sound like a teenage rant, but I was really upset the other day by an opinion someone gave me. As an artist, I’m used to getting different opinions on my work, and I’m always ok with whatever someone says.

But this was kind of different. I’m in the process of writing a horror novel and searching for a reliable publisher. (Keyword there is reliable, already talked to a few that I’m pretty sure operate from their mothers basement).

I was told that I shouldn’t write a horror story because it’ll make people think I’m crazy and depressed or something. I laughed it off until they said I should write a “happy story” because that’s what would sell.

Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not looking for sales. I’m looking to get my voice and ideas out there. I want to entertain, not make bank.

I was then told that I’m foolish and clearly not going to be a success because I’m not writing what’s going to sell. That’s what upset me. Clearly my opinion on what success is is different from theirs and it kind of disgusts me to know that people think like that.

Painting Process #2 “Ghost Dancer”


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When I do paintings and drawings, I like to post the process and progress I make. Some of you guys may have seen my parrot painting post. Well I have a new one for you all!

You all probably know already that I’m into dark and creepy stuff and a lot of my work follows that theme. For this painting, I chose to combine the art of dance with death and created “Ghost Dancer”.

So I started with getting a canvas and sketching out a rough drawing. Image

After sketching out the basic foundations, I left it alone for about a week since I tend to get frustrated easily with my paintings. Next came fleshing out the tree. Image

I used acrylic paint for the entire thing. I used a small amount of water to get the highlights and less water for the dark areas. It didn’t take long to paint the tree. It was just kind of time consuming because of the branches. If you’ve never drawn or painted a tree, you should try it. It can be quite relaxing.

Next came the sky. Since it’s a night time scene, I mixed phthalocyanine¬† blue with a small amount of black. I didn’t want a deep black sky since there’s a full moon. The sky usually only looks black when there’s no moon. I used kind of a swirly pattern in the sky to give it some life instead of just flat color. It’s kind of hard to see in the photo but in the end result you can see it. Image

After the sky was done, I didn’t touch this for a few days. I got busy with work and had a few jewelry orders to fill. Painting is something I kind of do for fun more than profit. Next came the land. I mixed green with black and grey to make a sort of deep forest green that I could thin out with water and still have a bit of a bright shade. This took FOREVER! Believe it or not, painting land is probably the worst thing for me to do. I hate it. I don’t know why, I just do. I painted the color on thickly and used water to thin out the parts where the tops of the hills are highlighted by the moon. Image

Again, I didn’t touch this for like a week. I feel like if I take breaks, I’m more inclined to be careful with what I’m doing.

The skull face in the moon was next. I originally wasn’t going to put a face in the moon, but after staring at what I had for a bit, I thought it needed something. Image

Then we have the little tombstones. I only put in a few. I didn’t want to go totally nuts with them. I felt like if it was a small cemetery in the middle of nowhere, it’d have more of a supernatural feel. Image

And then we have the final product! After adding some more little details to the tombstones, I added the main subject of the piece, a ghostly dancer. This was actually easier to paint then I thought it was going to be. I used white paint to make a thin outline of the dancer and used extremely watered down white to give the transparent effect. I think it turned out way better than I thought it would. Image

I think it turned out way better than I expected!

That being said, thank you all for reading my second painting process! I post these in the hopes that other artists will get ideas of their own and will pick up a few tips and tricks. If any of you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments!

Thank you and happy creating!

Getting Your Voice Heard On Paper


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I’m a very quiet person. I’m not necessarily shy, just quiet. People usually have to talk to me first for me to talk to them. It’s how I’ve always been. That’s why I like having a blog and a twitter account. I can talk without actually speaking. And people respond to me for once!

And I’ve had relatively famous people respond to some of my tweets! It’s a giant ego boost.

That being said, something I’ve always wanted to do was a write a book. I’ve had so many ideas over the years and have never gone through with any of them. That needs to change. I’m going to start writing down my thoughts and ideas for stories.

Since I was small, I’ve told stories. I used to bore my mother to tears with my dramatic renditions of Snow White and other Disney movies I watched. As I got older, I started to write and develop my own stories. I even once had a short story published in my school newspaper! It was pretty cool. People who I thought didn’t even know I existed were telling me how awesome my story was and how they didn’t know I could write and stuff like that. It wasn’t just about the attention I was getting, it was about the fact that I was using my voice without speaking, and people were listening. That made me feel amazing. Honestly I think it helped me to learn to open up a little more in real life as well.

So, my goal for this summer is to write a book! That being said, if I can get some people to read it and they think it’s publish worthy, I’ll look into finding a publisher. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Making Eyeshadow!


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My regular readers probably know that I have an online store called Punk’s Pretty Shop. Right now, I only have some jewelry pieces that I’ve made for sale. I really want to add some more stuff for sale but I want some more variety besides earrings and bracelets.

So I thought, why not try making makeup? Can’t be that hard right?

Turns out, it’s really not that hard.

Eyeshadow (while it is not that cheap to make) is actually really easy to do. It’s only three ingredients mixed together and you let it sit for two hours to dry. Put a lid on it and BAM! Instant eyeshadow.¬†

And there’s like a million different colors you can make just by mixing different powders together. It’s pretty cool. I think I might try it, cause you know, I don’t have enough to do already.