After this long and exhausting drought, there’s finally rain! It’s been storming here (Pittsburgh) for around an hour now. The grass and trees must feel great! To me, storms are inspiring. One minute, it’s a beautiful day. The next, the clouds have turned dark and bolts of electricity are everywhere. It’s no wonder ancient people were so mystified by storms.

Laying here, listening to the thunder, all I want to do is paint. Well, it’s 1 in the morning and I have to be at work for noon, so painting isn’t going to happen. I did however, manage to get another pair of earrings made!

I like to make jewelry. It’s calming and in the end, you have something great that someone might just want to wear! I just recently started selling my work, and not for much money either. To me, I’m not selling it for the money, I’m selling it to give people something that they want and for the satisfaction of knowing that someone wanted something that I made.

To see what I have for sale, click the link to my Etsy shop–http://www.etsy.com/shop/lindseyhuss

So far, I’ve sold two pieces of jewelry. That is a major accomplishment for me. As an artist, knowing that someone wants my work is more rewarding than anything.