I like to log the progress of my paintings using photos and such whenever I can. I feel that going back to see what I did first and how I did it could possibly be used to further my skill. So I decided that I’m going to use this blog to not only document my life as an artist, but to also show my process.

Lately I’ve been seeing parrots everywhere (especially in the ads for the beach I go to) and thought I’d try doing a thirty minute watercolor of one.

So I did what everyone else does and Googled a picture of a parrot for my source image. I chose this one. Image

Credit goes to this site where I found it: http://www.fatherlyadviceandrants.com/the-parrot-and-the-freezer.html

I then started with a basic, light blue wash. Image

I started with the beak, since it seemed going from left to right would be the easiest thing to do.Image

Then I went on to some more painting…Image

I started to add some of the little details. I try to add the minute stuff last, but that usually doesn’t happen. Image

The best part was painting the wings. My paintings usually only consist of a few colors and are normally very dark. This colorful work was very different from what I usually do. Image

And after about twenty minutes, I had a finished parrot! I know the picture is really light. My scanner is an ancient brick. I also apologize for the dry read. I tried to be brief and just include the photos. Image

To see more of my work, you can check out my art page at: https://www.facebook.com/LindsHuss