After a very long and not so great vacation, I came home to a clean desk….

I don’t know about anyone else, but I work better in a chaotic environment. My mom had cleaned up and organized my desk when I left. I couldn’t find anything and decided instead of freaking out, that I would just make a bracelet to cool off.

So I did! I made this! Image

It’s dark purple and lavender colored glass pearls on memory wire. I think it was simple to make yet also makes a statement. I also tried wearing it as an anklet. It works as one but not really. Only if you have ankles the size of a twig, which I don’t.

But, it’s for sale here on my etsy page:

I have a lot more of those pearls and I really like using them, so there should be more bracelets like that to come. I also have different colored ones so stay tuned for some neat-o pieces!