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Last night was a rare thing. I actually had some free time! I decided to use it to the fullest and work on a painting.

I have a thing for painting and drawing trees and since autumn themed everything seems to be in full gear, I thought an autumn tree watercolor would be nice to paint.

I started out with just a blue wash for the background, but after looking at it for awhile, I threw some purple in there to give it more life. Image

After waiting forever for it to dry (I always add way too much water and paint) I started on the moon. I kept noticing that the paint was acting weird. I thought at first that it was just old (I hadn’t done a painting in awhile where I needed white paint) so I tried thinning it with more water. The more water I used, the weirder it got. I looked at the bottle and realized it wasn’t watercolor paint, but acrylic. Awesome. No freaking wonder it was being weird. Image

Luckily, it turned out to be ok. Next I started on the tree. I just used a basic brown, nothing fancy. After the tree limbs and trunk was painted, I decided to paint the land underneath it. i probably should’ve done that first, but hey I don’t have a brain! Image

It was then time for the leaves! I have a very rough, old brush that I like to use to paint leaves. It gives it a kind of stubbly effect. I didn’t mix the crimson, vermillion, and gold paint but instead poured them side by side on my paper paint holder and just kept dabbing the brush into all three colors until they mixed themselves into the brush. I then dabbed the brush all over the top of the tree. Image

It still looked like it needed something a little more autumn-ish. I added a tiny little pumpkin at the base of the tree. I didn’t think to wait until the background had dried some and ended up repainting the pumpkin twice. Image

And my painting was complete! I was going to add stars, but I think it didn’t need them. Image

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