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As someone that works in the service industry, I see a variety of different people and families on a daily basis. Because of this, I understand that some families have different beliefs and ways to raise their children etc,.

But something I will never understand is how some parents can leave their children unattended while in a store. And I’m not talking like kid is 14 and is looking at one thing while their parent is looking at another. I’m talking about like four and ten year olds.

I frequently see kids wandering around the store where I work, desperately searching for their parent. Now I don’t have children myself, but if I was in a crowded store with a mixture of high class people and the scum of the earth, I would not let my child roam around alone.

I mean, how do you know there isn’t some creep watching your child and fantasizing about luring them into the bathroom or out of the store? What if some crazy lady that’s going through baby with drawl decides to snap up your kid?

Or what if they steal something? Not everyone has saints for children.

Or what if they get hurt? What if something falls off a shelf and hits them in the head and you’re no where around to help them?

It just sickens me to hear people say things like, “They’re 10! They’re old enough to be walking around by themselves!”

Yeah, maybe at home or at school. Not a place filled with strangers who you don’t know the background of.

Or here’s a good example: I went into the bathroom at work one day and saw a little girl crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said she couldn’t find her mommy. She said her mom told her to go to the bathroom by herself cause she had shopping to do. The girl had just turned five.

I don’t know if it’s a new trend among parents or what to just leave their offspring to their own devices in a place full of creeps or if the wrong people are breeding, but you’ll never see my future kids roaming a busy store alone.