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I don’t know where in the world you guys live, but I live in good ol’ Pennsylvania!

That is, it’s good when it’s not snowing. I’m just not someone that enjoys the cold and snowy weather. People around here are always like, “Ohhh but it’s so pretty and fun to play in!!” And I just sit here thinking, “You’re crazy. Give me a beach and 90 degree (Fahrenheit) weather and I’ll be happy.”

So, today in Pittsburgh (that’s where I live), we got around five inches of snow in like a three hour period. I live way out in the woods so my roads don’t get touched by a plow or salt truck. I decided I was going to stay in and work on some projects that are way overdue.

That didn’t happen.

Instead I made these little things! ImageImage

I apologize for the bad photos!

These little things are made with blue Zebra Wire and little translucent glass beads that I had laying around. I’ve been in a sort of creative slump lately (I blame the cold weather) and just started playing with wire I had to try to get some ideas. I think they’re kind of cute. I’m thinking about selling them for like $.50 a piece or something or like 5 for $4. I think they’d make a neat piece in a necklace or something. I have no idea what to make with them so maybe someone else will?