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As some of you may know, I make jewelry and sell my art and what not. I seem to always have a want to make more and more stuff. I was recently at a craft show and someone was selling home made soaps (which smelled amazing by the way). It got me thinking, how hard could it be to make soaps, candles, perfumes, etc.?

I started looking at some perfume tutorials and it turns out, it’s really not that hard. The only problem I’d have is acquiring the vodka needed (I don’t turn 21 until April 1st).

I looked at a few different tutorials and they’re all just about the same. Some just have different kinds of oil (as some brands aren’t sold everywhere).

So I think I might try making perfume and selling it.

Which leads me to my next issue/problem/goal thing: I need a name for my shop. Right now it’s just my name. I want something pretty and creative to call my business. It used to be One Whisper Jewelry, but as I no longer make just jewelry, it’s kind of a stupid name.

I think maybe I’ll hold a contest or something and the winner will receive like free perfume or jewelry or something for a year.