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As some of you guys might know, I sell artwork and jewelry that I make through Etsy.


I’ve found Etsy to not be very open with customization when it comes to the “store front.” Yeah you get a banner you can customize but it doesn’t give a very friendly feel to me. Also you have to pay $.20 for each listing and your not guaranteed to make a sale.

So after some looking around, I discovered Store Envy. I only have good things to say about them. For one, everything is through PayPal and as someone who had their credit card number stolen online before, I really like that they’re PayPal only. They also don’t charge you anything to make your account or list an item. You also can change the background, banner, and avatar of your shop! My store looks so much nicer than it did with Etsy.

So, I no longer have my Etsy account. I now only sell on StoreEnvy. So if anyone was trying to find my Etsy account, I apologize. Everything I have for sale can be found here: http://punksprettyshop.storenvy.com/