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It’s March 20th which means spring is just a day away! (Unless you live in the North East United States which means it won’t be springy until about June).

A new trend I’ve noticed around my campus is pearls. I have seen pearl jewelry EVERYWHERE. So I figured I’d hop on the band wagon and make some pearl jewelry.



Above are two examples of some pearl earrings I’ve made. Perfect for a spring wedding or prom!

Hopefully the pearl trend continues. Pearls are actually very classy and elegant looking no matter what you’re wearing. They’re also very easy to work with. They come in different sizes and colors, so if pearls are something you’ve never tried making jewelry with, I suggest you give it a shot. They’re also easy to hold. Some beads can be awkward but since pearls are round and smooth, they’re not much of a hassle (unless you drop some).

You can check out more of my work at my shop: http://punksprettyshop.storenvy.com/