This is probably going to sound like a teenage rant, but I was really upset the other day by an opinion someone gave me. As an artist, I’m used to getting different opinions on my work, and I’m always ok with whatever someone says.

But this was kind of different. I’m in the process of writing a horror novel and searching for a reliable publisher. (Keyword there is reliable, already talked to a few that I’m pretty sure operate from their mothers basement).

I was told that I shouldn’t write a horror story because it’ll make people think I’m crazy and depressed or something. I laughed it off until they said I should write a “happy story” because that’s what would sell.

Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not looking for sales. I’m looking to get my voice and ideas out there. I want to entertain, not make bank.

I was then told that I’m foolish and clearly not going to be a success because I’m not writing what’s going to sell. That’s what upset me. Clearly my opinion on what success is is different from theirs and it kind of disgusts me to know that people think like that.