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Oh my god. Oh my god. OH MY GOD.

After years of going ghost hunting and being involved with studying the paranormal, reading every ghost and horror story imaginable, going to haunted places, and all around enjoying the supernatural, I finally FINALLY got a ghost on film!

I’m so excited! I’ve been jumping out of my pants for the last few days!

So, my family is from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (a very haunted place, for those not aware of it). Every year our family reunion is out there and my mom and I usually venture into town to shop and such. This year, my best friend came with us and we decided to go on a ghost tour.

We bought out tickets, it was my best friend, my two brothers, my mom and I, and at nine we met our group outside of the old orphanage in Gettysburg.

Some back story on the orphanage: It was run by two different women and two different points in time. The second woman, Rosa, was an cruel and evil bitch (to put it nicely). She would torture the children. Six died while in her care. Ghost Adventures even did an episode at the orphanage (it’s the episode where Zach sat in the pit). The tour guide showed us around and told stories and it was a wonderful time.

While in the former dining room of the orphanage, all of the lights were turned off (for added effect). I took several pictures around the room. I didn’t use flash for any of them because my flash is abnormally bright and blinds people. Here is one of the photos I took. Image

Obviously it’s just a big black square. I was about to just quit taking photos until the lights came back on, when I took this one Image

Everyone I show it to says you can see a woman plain as day. I almost screamed when this appeared on the photo. My best friend was sitting beside me and saw it and all he could do was drop his jaw. I took two more photos in the exact same spot and got nothing. And just so you know, it’s an empty room and everyone just sits on a long bench while the tour guide tells stories. So there was nothing in the room that was even that color let alone standing there.

I know some of you are probably skeptics, but I’m not. For me, this was a crowning achievement in my life.

Also, I highly recommend the tour we were on. Excellent tour guides and excellent story telling. If you’re ever in Gettysburg, head over to a small store called Ghost Lab Images. That store is the orphanage.