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Rarely I get in the mood to make some fan art. This is one of those occasions!

I decided to paint a minion!

I started out with the basic line art.


The line art was actually harder than I thought it was going to be. Turns out I’m not very good at just drawing round things.

Next came the background and his overalls. I like to paint the darkest colors first and then the lightest in case of bleed.


After letting that dry for awhile, I painted the glove and parts of the goggle. This painting was actually very quick and easy to get done, since everything is large and only a few colors.

Some time later and with me forgetting to take more progress photos, it’s done! i found the yellow paint to not want to cooperate for some reason. I had to keep adding more and more paint and less water to get it to be vibrant.


Not long after posting this on my facebook page, I sold this painting! I hope you’ve enjoyed my minion painting!