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Yesterday began the final year of my undergraduate in college experience. My senior year has started and I can’t wait for it to be done! I can already see myself graduating with my bachelors in Visual Arts and Museum Studies.

Well, I guess it technically isn’t my last first day of school since I plan on going for my masters and my doctorate.

Regardless, it’s still very exciting! I’ve officially made it farther than most of my family members and most of the people that I went to high school with. Now I’m not bragging about that, I wish more people would go out and get their degrees. I feel like not only will that piece of paper help you later in life, I feel like the experience of attending a university is something everyone should have.

My grandfather didn’t go to college. He fought in WWII and after that worked in a factory. My father didn’t allow my mother to attend college. She finally went and got her associates after I was almost done with high school. I’ve made friends from all over the world, I was able to study abroad for a semester in Europe thank to my financial aid and scholarships. I’ve got to look at rare pieces of art out of a glass case that were created hundreds of years ago. I would’ve never had those experiences without being in college.

I wish the United States offered free education. I’ve had so many opprotunites and experiences that I never would’ve had just by joining the work force right out of high school, which is something I always thought I had to do. Growing up, we were very poor. We lost our house when I was thirteen. My mom has been working two jobs for a long time now, (it used to be three jobs but I got a job at Sam’s Club and she was able to quit one).

I feel like I’m rambling in this post but I just needed to say how I feel. I’ve worked extremely hard, spent many nights awake studying and spent every weekend, holiday, and all of my free time working to pay my bills and tuition on time. Everything has led up to this moment. My amazing journey is quickly coming to an end.