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Well September is finally at an end, and all I have to say is, “it’s about damn time!”

September hasn’t been a great month for me. I haven’t gotten much done art wise, my craft show was a bust, classes are throwing work at me left and right, and my job is suffering from lack of help, causing more stress than necessary.

I did get a few nice things done. Just the other day, I did a small painting called, “Midnight In The Pumpkin Patch.” It’s acrylic on panel and only 8×6. I threw it in my Etsy shop just to have something in there for now. My shop has been empty for awhile now since I’ve been slammed with commissions. You can find it for sale here. Image

I did get a few good photos this month though. For my photography class (like the 4th photography class I’ve taken at this point), we went to Market Square in Pittsburgh and Point State Park to try out street photography. Now, street photography and shots of people are not things I am good at. I’m really bad at getting candid shots and people usually scream at me when they think I’m taking their picture. But, I did get two that were decently good. Image


So, with September finally at a close, hopefully October with give me some more opportunities to get more stuff done!