March 2013 Sucks So Far



March is almost over! Yay!

This entire month was terrible. It’s colder than usual and (here in Pennsylvania) we keep getting snow dumped on us by the boat load.

Also I’ve had issues with getting supplies for my jewelry and artwork which is never good when you’re on a shoe string budget.

And then there was yesterday. I had my first ambulance trip and first ever day in an adult hospital. (Last time I was in the hospital it was Children’s Hospital and I was 10, I had ear tubes put in.) I was extremely ill, missed three meetings that were all very important and now can’t get them rescheduled.

So, if anyone else is having a terrible month of March, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Here’s to a happy April!


New Jewelry For Spring!


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It’s March 20th which means spring is just a day away! (Unless you live in the North East United States which means it won’t be springy until about June).

A new trend I’ve noticed around my campus is pearls. I have seen pearl jewelry EVERYWHERE. So I figured I’d hop on the band wagon and make some pearl jewelry.



Above are two examples of some pearl earrings I’ve made. Perfect for a spring wedding or prom!

Hopefully the pearl trend continues. Pearls are actually very classy and elegant looking no matter what you’re wearing. They’re also very easy to work with. They come in different sizes and colors, so if pearls are something you’ve never tried making jewelry with, I suggest you give it a shot. They’re also easy to hold. Some beads can be awkward but since pearls are round and smooth, they’re not much of a hassle (unless you drop some).

You can check out more of my work at my shop:

Goodbye Etsy, Hello StoreEnvy!


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As some of you guys might know, I sell artwork and jewelry that I make through Etsy.


I’ve found Etsy to not be very open with customization when it comes to the “store front.” Yeah you get a banner you can customize but it doesn’t give a very friendly feel to me. Also you have to pay $.20 for each listing and your not guaranteed to make a sale.

So after some looking around, I discovered Store Envy. I only have good things to say about them. For one, everything is through PayPal and as someone who had their credit card number stolen online before, I really like that they’re PayPal only. They also don’t charge you anything to make your account or list an item. You also can change the background, banner, and avatar of your shop! My store looks so much nicer than it did with Etsy.

So, I no longer have my Etsy account. I now only sell on StoreEnvy. So if anyone was trying to find my Etsy account, I apologize. Everything I have for sale can be found here:

Goals, Goals, and More Goals!


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As some of you may know, I make jewelry and sell my art and what not. I seem to always have a want to make more and more stuff. I was recently at a craft show and someone was selling home made soaps (which smelled amazing by the way). It got me thinking, how hard could it be to make soaps, candles, perfumes, etc.?

I started looking at some perfume tutorials and it turns out, it’s really not that hard. The only problem I’d have is acquiring the vodka needed (I don’t turn 21 until April 1st).

I looked at a few different tutorials and they’re all just about the same. Some just have different kinds of oil (as some brands aren’t sold everywhere).

So I think I might try making perfume and selling it.

Which leads me to my next issue/problem/goal thing: I need a name for my shop. Right now it’s just my name. I want something pretty and creative to call my business. It used to be One Whisper Jewelry, but as I no longer make just jewelry, it’s kind of a stupid name.

I think maybe I’ll hold a contest or something and the winner will receive like free perfume or jewelry or something for a year.

Good Ways To Carry Tools?



Is there a good way to carry tools? And I don’t mean like put on a tool belt and work around the house.

I have a five hour break in between classes and I commute to school, so I thought I’d start taking stuff to make jewelry while I wait. I thought it was a great idea, until I realized I had nothing but sandwhich bags to put my tools in. Which, isn’t really all that bad, except they’re teeny-tiny and I feel like an idiot pulling out sandwhich bags with materials in them.

So is there a good way to carry around small tools like round nose pliers and beads, without wasting bags for food?

Abstract Pendants


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I don’t know where in the world you guys live, but I live in good ol’ Pennsylvania!

That is, it’s good when it’s not snowing. I’m just not someone that enjoys the cold and snowy weather. People around here are always like, “Ohhh but it’s so pretty and fun to play in!!” And I just sit here thinking, “You’re crazy. Give me a beach and 90 degree (Fahrenheit) weather and I’ll be happy.”

So, today in Pittsburgh (that’s where I live), we got around five inches of snow in like a three hour period. I live way out in the woods so my roads don’t get touched by a plow or salt truck. I decided I was going to stay in and work on some projects that are way overdue.

That didn’t happen.

Instead I made these little things! ImageImage

I apologize for the bad photos!

These little things are made with blue Zebra Wire and little translucent glass beads that I had laying around. I’ve been in a sort of creative slump lately (I blame the cold weather) and just started playing with wire I had to try to get some ideas. I think they’re kind of cute. I’m thinking about selling them for like $.50 a piece or something or like 5 for $4. I think they’d make a neat piece in a necklace or something. I have no idea what to make with them so maybe someone else will?

New And Exciting Things!



Wow I have been away for a long time! But I’ve been working on A LOT of new projects!

AND I’m going to Germany and Belgium in May to study abroad! Lots of new and exciting things going on in 2013 for me!

So here’s a short run down of some of the projects I’ve got going on:

New jewelry! I started making ear cuffs (which I have a fascination with). Image

And I’ve gotten a HUGE shipment of new materials for jewelry making.

I’ve also been working on a lot of paintings, drawings, and etchings. All of which I will post here.

Stay tuned and stay creative!

Movie Review: Sinister



SPOILERS. Turn back now if you have not seen this movie!! Seriously!!! I talk in depth about the movie! Run now! OK, you’ve been warned!

I’m a big time film addict. Especially when it comes to horror films. So when I saw previews for Sinister, I got excited in the hopes that it would be original and have the perfect amount of fright inducing scenes.

I was not disappointed.

So here’s where the spoilers start.

The movie didn’t open with the typical normal group of teenagers at a party or a happy family moving into a new house. No, it opened with a home movie showing four family members being hung on a tree. And they weren’t hung in the typical fashion either. They were lifted by their necks into the tree. I was instantly hooked. Just the way that whole scene was shot, and there was no sound, was genius.

The next thing that really caught my attention was how the movie was playing out the story. It followed a once famous crime author trying to make back his fifteen. He was researching the hanging of that family as a murder and abduction of a young child. At the same time, he was dealing with personal problems in his family. I found this to be a nice sort of sub plot. Like, they could’ve continued the movie with him finding a killer and bringing them to justice and solving his family issues like he had intended, but this was not the case.

Enter Bagul. The main antagonist of the movie, he’s a demon that eats the souls of children. His image appears in the home movies found by Ellison, the main character. In these movies, he’s seen along with gruesome murders of entire families, minus one child.

Now, let’s talk about these movies real quick. They are beautiful. I mean, as far as creativity goes, they are genius. One murder is each family member is tied down to a lawn chair and then dragged into a swimming pool where they drown. All you can see is their feet thrashing for freedom that they never obtain. ‘Tis wonderful.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of fruitcake that gets off on watching murders. I just enjoy very well done movies and stories.

Throughout the movie, I was curious if Bagul was real or not. The professor in the movie describes him as coming from Babylonian origin and even shows decayed frescos and illustrations of the demon. This helps to make you feel like the demon was actually something that people feared, but in reality, he’s made up for the movie. The way they tell his story though makes you think and wonder if he is really from lore. I wish he was! We need more movies based off of obscure legends rather than books and movies of long ago.

And the ending. The ending was gorgeous. There was no happy ending. There was no rainbow with unicorns in a parade of sunshine. There was blood. Severed heads and another child being taken away into the films by Bagul. Lovely!

Oh I may have forgotten to mention that. Bagul lives in the films and once you see him, you’re doomed. Through out the movie, Ellison sees the dead children that helped commit the murders and then were taken by Bagul. He first sees them in their photos when he’s researching for his book. Then he starts to see them in his house. Finally, he sees them in the films right before his young daughter kills him and is then taken.

In conclusion, this is a very well written movie with great acting and superb twists. Guaranteed to make you jump. Especially if you’re a seventeen year old girl (like the one I was stuck sitting in front of).

When Political Opinions Attack: Part 1


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I tend to stay away from politics and government related issues (since everyone talks about them), but sometimes, something happens that just makes me have to write about it.

Instead of writing about which candidate I kneel down to or what political party’s ass do I kiss, I’m going to talk about the nastier side of politics. The side that makes me think that people are De-evolving as we speak.

For this blog post, I’m going to talk about a high school girl from Philly. This young girl decided to wear a Romney t-shirt to school. Now while I don’t agree with Romney, nor do I like him, I would never do what her teacher did.

Her geometrey teacher is quoted saying, “Are your parents republican?”

When the 16 year old girl (who has a right to free speech) said, “I don’t know,” her teacher responded, “That’s like me wearing a KKK shirt.”

That’s funny. I didn’t know the KKK made t-shirts advertising their campaign.

All jokes aside, what I think the teacher did was very unproffessional. The poor girl sat there, humiliated, because the person that’s supposed to be giving them an education is instead embarassing her because of her political opinion.

Now this post is not meant to spark a debate about who’s better, Obama or Romney, it’s about what this teacher did. First of all, what’s it any business if the girl wears a Romney/Ryan shirt? It’s her opinion, she’s entitled to express it, just like I’m entitled to wear whatever I want.

Next, this girl is only sixteen! She can’t vote anyways! So why was this teacher getting into a huffy? Why wasn’t she just teaching them shapes and stuff like she’s supposed to. Unless it was a political class or a history class, maybe then asking her what her thoughts on Romney were would be warranted. Even if it was a political class, this teacher still had no right to tell her to take her shirt off and then compare it to a KKK shirt (which i still don’t know if they actually make those).

So what was done about it?

Her parents went to the school principal who made the teacher apologize. She did apologize, but also said it was a joke.

If it was, it’s not a very funny joke. To make a girl sit there, surrounded by other kids, being belittled for her shirt, is appalling. It’s bullying! Plain and simple.

So, share your thoughts on this topic. I’d love to hear them.

And here’s the article for reference:

Texting Trauma


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Just about everyone has a cell phone in this day and age and just about all of those people use text messaging. Most of those people are teenagers. I live with three teenagers myself, so i constantly hear the little clicking of buttons, and don’t get me wrong, I text just as much too.

But there’s this little issue with teens and texting (and this may be for adults as well, not just teens). Teens are being injured while texting in a variety of ways.

Let’s take for instance the popular “Walk-with-your-face-in-your-phone” syndrome that seems to be plaguing teens across the globe. Just the other day at work, I watched a teenage girl walk right into some guys cart. She, of course, was texting while walking. She almost knocked the whole cart over!

And let’s not forget the time a teenager in New York fell down into a manhole while texting and walking. In fact, CNN did an investigation into the incident and interviewed people about texting and walking. 

You can watch the video of that story here:

Also, that girl had to be rescued and taken to the emergency room.

Something else that’s sad about this is schools are now having safety announcements and exercises about walking safely. Shouldn’t this not be something that kids between the ages of 15 and 18 don’t need? Shouldn’t they know to watch where they’re walking when they’re like five years old? You’d think so, but according to a study, the number of pedestrian deaths and injuries has risen amongst teens and the culprit is not watching where they’re walking while texting. You can find the study information here.

Something else that is frequently in the news is the ever popular texting while driving. I’m not sure which one is more dangerous, walking or driving while texting. We’ve all seen those ads on tv where someone is talking about the last message their relative sent before crashing their car. Do those messages even reach the ears of teens? I doubt it. I’ve seen quite a few girls at my school texting while driving out of the campus parking lot. I wasn’t aware that people had two sets of eyes, one for the road and one for the phone. I won’t even text at a red light.

The fact that teenagers think they are immortal is another factor to the whole “let’s text while possibly putting others in danger” thing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard kids say “that can’t happen to me,” “that happens to other people.” Or my favorite, “I’m special so I won’t die.” You are not special. You are made up of DNA and molecules just like everyone else. Shut up.

It may sound like I’m being harsh, but I’m trying to be truthful. There’s young kids with their whole lives ahead of them that are getting hurt and dying because of something so stupid as sending a text message. This is almost to an epidemic level. Check out these stats I found about texting while driving. They’re haunting.

And there’s a terribly easy solution for all this: PUT DOWN THE DAMN PHONE.